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Phil Sheridan - Lead Vocals/ Guitar (rugged good looks)

Phil emerged on the North Jersey music scene in 1991 as the lead singer of the popular cover band “Last Call”, covering classic and alternative rock for over a decade.  I could’ve said “10 years”, but “decade” sounds way more impressive.

Following the long run on the cover circuit, Phil met mild success with the original project “60 Cycle Hum.” By mild, I mean very mild. I’d say it was probably more of a personal success.

After a slight hiatus...not rehab, Phil once again returned to the North Jersey cover scene with a solo acoustic act, where he entertained dozens of people nightly.

In his lengthy career, Phil has shared the stage with absolutely no one famous or even remotely famous, but he did meet Corey Glover from the rock band “Living Color” once, outside of a NYC theater. That was a nice moment.

Currently, Phil is a lead singer and guitar player in the well received, local acoustic cover band SweetSpot, and enjoys deep conversations and long walks on the beach. 

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